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       Aodovo Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. is located in Changfu Industrial Park, Xiamei town, Nan’an city, Fujian province, China. It is devoted to manufacturing undercarriage parts and mechanical transmission shaft of drilling rig, crawler crane, excavator,bulldozer and driller.

Main products include track roller,carrier roller, sprocket,idler and track link,track spring adjuster assembly,track link guard,chain press machine,disassembly and reassembly machine for spring adjuster,pin roll polisher,oil hydraulic press,transmission shaft.

      In the name of ao, ao is keeping improving, we receive successful fruits, as dovo is the result of ao. Company strictly controls product quality, so the customer quality complaints are less than 3 cases annually. Ao is also product innovation,service innovation and management innovation. We attach importance on product quality and performance. Our company won several national patents,so we can offer more reliable products to clients. The complete service system was established, on time delivery rate is over 95%,after-sale service quick response rate is over 99%. At the time of putting theory into practice, we keep improving ourselves, learn and strengthen the advanced technology at the home and abroad to provide clients with more comprehensive and better engineering mechanical parts solutions. Join our team, and make progress and collaborative development together.

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Fixed telephone:+86-0595-86755977

Contact address: Changfu Industrial Zone, Xiamei Town, Nan'an City (Changfu Expressway Bridgehead)

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