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What about the digger dropping the chain? Solve excavator derailment quickly

Driving the excavator to earn hard money, I did not expect to drop the chain at a critical time, why do caterpillar tracks often with me? Digger off the chain is usually said to be off the track chain, off track, off track, so why on earth excavator "derailment"? How to install the caterpillar quickly if the caterpillar falls off?

7 reasons to quickly understand why the excavator derailed?

In order to solve the excavator track derailment quickly, we should first find out the cause of this fault, and then we can correct the problem more quickly. Dredger "drop chain" is generally caused by the following 7 reasons.

1. When the chain is dropped due to external reasons, the crawler of the excavator enters the soil or rocks and other impurities. The rough and uneven road surface will also cause serious imbalance of the crawler force, which is prone to failure.

2. The operating skills of the operator are not satisfactory, and improper operation during turning or walking of the excavator will also cause off-track failure.

3. The four wheels are not in the same plane, causing the track derailment, which is often caused by damage to the guide wheel. It is necessary to carefully observe whether the screws on the guide wheel are missing, there is no fracture, as well as the slot of the guide wheel, there is no change in shape, etc., and if necessary, the guide wheel needs to be replaced.

4. When the oil seal of the tightening cylinder leaks oil and the spring of the tensioning device breaks, the caterpillar band will be too loose, which will lead to the problem of chain release. We should timely check whether the tightening cylinder forgot to butter, and see whether the bullish tightening cylinder has oil leakage problems.

5. When the chain protector is badly worn, it will also cause the dredger to take off the chain. The chain protector cannot properly limit the track belt, and the track plate swings too much, resulting in the chain release.

6. If the excavator has been walking for too long, the crawler will definitely wear out, and the wear of chain bars, chain barrels and other parts on the crawler will also cause the crawler to break off the chain.

7. For the drive motor gear ring, when the wear is too severe, it needs to be replaced timely, which will also cause the dredger to take off the chain.

The old driver taught you two quick fixes to the dredger.

The first type: excavator bucket installation

The most common way to install a digger is to use the excavator bucket. First of all, should be will strike chain mouth pulled down, release the butter, and let the crawler is flabby, should according to situation, again use the digging bucket and walk to cooperate, caterpillar to taxi out, can use first bucket will be part of the track to guide wheel or on driving wheels, rotating driving wheel walking again, will be able to track back.

If the crawler slides out of the track inward, the shovel can't reach the crawler, which requires a steel wire rope to pull some of the crawler onto the guide wheel or drive wheel, and then rotate the walking drive wheel. However, it is important to note that the extra distance of loose track should be more at the installation site, so it is easier to install. After the position of the guide wheel and drive wheel is installed, the crawler is basically installed with more than half of it. The position of the supporting heavy wheel can be installed by lifting the idling crawler.

The second is to install the crawler with steel pipe or spade

Previously, in the article "only 5 minutes, 1 steel tube, quick settlement of excavation" derailment ", I also Shared with you a quick way to install crawler:

Step 1: when diggin cheats cheat, keep calm and don't panic. Remember to put the butter first.

Step 2: use local materials in the construction site, find a steel pipe or spade, and remember to find a longer one.

Step 3: use the bar-bar principle skillfully, and use the scoop to stop the steel pipe back a bit to squeeze out the yellow meat!

Step 4: then correct the chain here with steel pipe to the sprocket, and correct the chain here with steel pipe.

Step 5: continue to use the digging bucket to hold the steel pipe and apply the rotating force to the limit. Slowly move back and feel stuck and make a click.

At last the great work is done, the small excavation derailment with the steel tube pry and then use the dig bucket not to live, a fall on it, so simple.

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