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The future of hardware components will be the place for "soldiers to contend for"

       Construction machinery giants are looking forward to the next year in the market surge, head-high group of heroes to become the leader. Looking back on the past year, each of them showed their magic power in order to seize the construction machinery market, Financing lease, mortgage payment and other sales methods emerge in endlessly, which can be described as the dark end of the day. However, after several years of development. the market of loaders and excavators is close to saturation, and it is difficult to emerge the blowout trend at the beginning of the year. It is believed that next year's construction machinery market will not be as smooth as people speculate. The current European debt crisis has seriously affected European import and export markets. When the "dark clouds" of European debt come to the fore, it is likely to make the future market more depressed. Where should we focus the market right now !

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